Eat all day, at work or play !!

    THE CONCEPT: Handy Candy™ initially began through a discussion on ways to offer a  convenient sized package of wholesome, flavorful, healthy products for consumers. Be it in the produce section, salad dressing isle or positioned near registers, from beginning to end the concept was intended to give retailers, as well as consumers, a flavorful product that is versitale and a value.   Handy Candy™ has accomplished this task.  The display ready containers essentially become the display, allowing retailers to easily position the product anywhere it is needed. 
GREAT FLAVOR: In order to achieve the highest level of flavor and quality, Handy Candy™ products must exceed the industry standard.  You can be insured that if it says Handy Candy™, you will be satisfied.  So ask for Handy Candy™ at your local grocer and take home something the whole family can enjoy.
See you at your local grocery :-)

Handy Candy™

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